Trouble joining data from two different tables on odd id's

Hi everyone.
I have a question/visual in which I'm just counting the number of rows using a "group by" on a column. Basically counting how many occurences of each value in that column from fact table A.
I have another table (B) with two columns: id and username.
Table A also has the id column which is the one i use to join them.
I'd like to put up a filter on my dashboard where I can choose between different usernames from table B.
I assumed I could do this by using the "join data" option in the question editor, which I did. But it's been working only for the usernames that have even id's. If a username's id is odd, no results are found.

When I converted my question to a SQL query I found out why. As it turns out, instead of joining my two tables with a simple "[...] from A left join B on =", it is trying to join them with the following:
"[...] from A left join B on (((floor(( - 0.0) / 2)) * 2 ) + 0.0)".
I have no idea why that happens but it's clear why my filter is not finding the odd id's data.

I can't convert my visual into this SQL query and just remove this expression because of my previous group by clause. It just doesn't work.
Does anybody know why this happens and how can I fix it?

Hi @ggaz
I guess you're using 0.41.0/1 - you're seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Oh, I see. Thanks @flamber! I hope it gets fixed soon.