Trouble with Metabase v0.35.3 & Slack v4.6 Integration

Hey All - I currently have a metabase PoC deployed on AWS and testing out Slack integration with metabot pulses, but can’t seem to get it setup. The documentation on Metabase seems a bit out of date for integration with Slack as there is no longer a simple button to generate an API token in Slack. The new method is to create a full slack app before getting a token. I was able to read through Slack docs and get a bot token generated, but testing out new pulses doesn’t seem to work. I get an error when selecting a question for the pulse I want to create and also a “Slack API error: missing_scope” in the Slack section. I have added the appropriate scopes/permissions in the slack app to allow metabase to connect, so not sure what’s up there. If anyone has had this issue or gone through the new slack/metabase integration recently, I’d love to hear from you!

Did you create the metabase_files channel in your slack? Metabase require this to generate and add the links for your pulses.

I’ve created that channel, yes! But still no luck.
Would you think it’s an issue about not assigning the proper bot scopes? I’ve added the following which I believe should be more than enough for Metabot to post pulses.

That should look fine, right?

Hi @mbadua
The Slack button went missing, but it will be back in 0.35.4:
Also see: