Try out the new 0.37 release

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UPDATE 0.37 has now been released - go have a look at what’s new:


It’s looking good. The chained filters are working now.
For the custom actions, the url links being highlighted is great. Would be helpful if there was something similar for the other actions too. When you click a field, you can’t tell which option is being selected.

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I’ve just tried this in an embedded dashboard. Currently the iframe host sets two parameters.
Not sure if this is intentional or not, but if a parameter is locked and therefore having its value set by the embed code, it’s not possible to use the new interactive behaviour to further filter. I tried to fiddle it by having a second filter on the same column, but no joy. Workaround would be to have an extra identical column to filter on, but that’s a nasty hack.

When I added a new filter it worked perfectly, but you lose a lot of screen space for just one filter. It would be great to have a new filter option of ‘hidden’. That is, the filter can be changed by interaction, but isn’t displayed. At the moment, you can reset a filter by clicking the column a second time, so most of the work is done.

The dashboard destination doesn’t work on embedded as it tries to go the url with the dashboard id in. No idea if this can be changed.

One last thing - the links support http:, ftp and mailto:. Anything else?

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@AndrewMBaines Just to make it more reference-able, I’m adding numbers:

1: Custom actions highlight: I’m not sure if I understand. Are you talking about the popover, when you click a cell? Is it new to 0.37? I would give a :beer: for a screenshot!

2: Embedding: Give me some time to reproduce the embedded stuff, so I can figure out what’s up/down.

3: Screen space: Are you talking about embedding or the sidebar - I think I’m losing context - screenshot por favor :wink:

4: Dashboard destination embedding: Give me some time to do a full embedding testing (along with #2)

5: Link protocols: There shouldn’t be any changes to supported protocols since - but I have a feeling that I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking.

1: No, when you add a url or mailto link to a columns custom actions, the cells become highlighted like this:
When you add a filter action, they just look the same as they do normally. Nothing to tell me that clicking this cell will filter the table:

3: Embedding (but relevant elsewhere for space). If we can filter by clicking a cell, we can save screen space by not displaying the filters across the top. I have 3 filters. 2 are locked, so not visible, the 3rd is taking up a lot of screen space for not a lot.

5: Sort of yes. However, your referenced page is talking about what is automatically interpreted from the data rather than setting it explicitly.


1: Custom actions highlight: Okay, now I understand. It’s because your “Teamcode” is a PK/FK vs “Officename”, which just a regular column.
I have created an issue for it:

2: Embedding: I don’t think I understand this. Can you provide more information and/or screenshots?

3: Screen space: That doesn’t sound like a new issue with 0.37:

4: Dashboard destination embedding: I cannot reproduce. Can you provide steps with Sample Dataset?

5: Link protocols: What is the question/problem then? It’s a million times easier if you provide an example of something that doesn’t work, since I can then reproduce and/or figure out why it’s behaving this way.

  1. No, that’s not the problem. Previously, an embedded dashboard had no interactivity. Now, it might, or it might not. You’ve no way to tell. If a cell has a url, it’s highlighted. If it’s a filter, it’s not.
  2. If you have an existing filter that’s locked (for embedding), you can’t filter a 2nd time on that filter by clicking a column.
  3. No, not new, just more visible now you have an extra way to filter.
  4. It’s only when you embed. The user isn’t logged in, so when directed to metabsae/dashboard/4, it goes wrong.
  5. It’s not a problem, it’s a question. What else is supported- http:, mailto:, ftp:, file: etc.


1: Correct. That’s exactly what the issue describes. Otherwise please create a new issue with details.

2: When you have locked filters, then they cannot be defined by the frontend - only by the embed code - that hasn’t changed. Or am I completely missing what you’re saying? Again, steps-to-reproduce and screenshots goes a very long way.

4: Took me a little while to understand why it was removing links to questions, which I initially thought was the problem, but it’s this issue:

5: Currently anything, but that will very likely be limited to not include blocked protocols as listed in the PR.

Congrats on the release! Excited for 0.37, especially the start of the business week setting. I am using Cloud. Based on this blog post, it seems 0.37 should be used by Cloud already, but I still don’t see the setting, and my About Metabase says “You’re on version v1.36.6.1”. Should 0.37 be live on Cloud already?

(Incidentally, does “v1.36.6.1” for Cloud mean it is using the “” codebase, i.e. ignore the leading v1?)

@hdnyc You are using the Enterprise Edition (perhaps you were using a trial for a period?), so that’s why your version is starting with 1.
We are doing a full release Monday - including Enterprise, then all versions will be made available on Cloud too.

Very good!!
That will stay go the tool very good yet more!

Thank you team Metabase!:+1:

Hi all, just updated to 0.37 on our self hosted instance and was keen to try out the interactive dashboards feature on one of our pin maps. I set the click action to update one of the dashboard filters based on a specific column. However, when I click on a pin nothing happens. Am I missing something?

@rkowalewski I have created an issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Awesome, thanks. This feature will be epic once working fully!

amazing improvements along the way. all the best for metabase team and community.