Trying to access an encrypted db


I’ve successfully setup metabase on my company db but the text in it is mostly encrypted.
Is there any middle layer that could be used to decrypt the text or is there any suggested way of accessing an encrypted database?

@shridattz Which version of Metabase? Which database are you connecting to?

Connected to MySQL using v0.32.5

I’m still trying to understand. So your columns are encrypted with AES_ENCRYPT (example) and you want to have a transparent decryption, so Metabase can see the data on-the-fly?
I’m not sure how slow it’s going to be, but my first choice would probably be ProxySQL.

Within our codebase, we’ve been using aes-256-cbc to encrypt some of the fields and store them in the db.
When we look at it in metabase, we see the encrypted text.

Our encrypt function looks like this

base64_encode(openssl_encrypt('data to encrypt', 'aes-256-cbc', 'key_str', OPENSSL_RAW_DATA, 'vector'));

Yes, we need to decrypt in realtime so that Metabase can see actual text.

Hi there!

Any update on this, as we’ve got a very similar situation