Trying to improve query performance

I was reading this article about best practices and I had two questions:
Will changing the order of tables in JOIN improve performance?
I have the same question about where clauses, the order of clauses will improve performance?

Hi @Helena
It all depends on your database type, and database indexes.
Look at your database query log to see the SQL it is executing and using EXPLAIN ANALYZE to understand how the database query planner handles optimizations and when you need to do something.
Optimizing databases is not a two-clicks-and-you're-done, it's a very well-paid job.
Try searching the internet for articles about it specific to your database type, since it's not specific to Metabase.

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Hmmmm ok! I was thinking about this but wasn't sure if it was related to Metabase or Redshift. Thank you :smiley: