Trying to use schemas in Metabase but not luck

Hello All

I’m using metabase as frontend for my postgres DB, I have numerous schemas in my postgress database

I’m trying to setup the path to a schema, my query is :

set search_path = data;
SELECT “data”.“test”.“column1” AS “column1”
FROM “data”.“test”
LIMIT 2000

Metabase returns the message “No results were returned by the query” (the table has data in it of course) It looks like metabase is only running the first statement, rather than the whole query

I also tried to setup the path in the database configuration, using set search_path = myschema in the additional JDBC connection string options, but again no luck

I’m running metabase v0.26.2
The database is Greenplum 4.3x
metabase is running on windows 2012 server, internal db H2
java ver SE

Any idea how to make it work or it is a bug or lack of functionality?

Thanks all

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