Ubuntu setup problems

Hi! I’m struggling to get a local version running. I’ve spun up an Ubuntu VPS, followed the instructions (multiple times and sites) and had not much luck. The primary issue is the failure to start the service because of “resources”
What resources!! The VPS was 2g ram 2cpu, should be enough? I setup java, updated and d/l the jar, VI the env and config files, everything.
Is there a fool proof how to floating around, or an image to clone so I can test this out, really keen to try!

Heroku version failed to connect to dB, even though creds were 100% correct (tested before copying in)
AWS instance has just hung on “warning”
And I am not familiar with AWS anyway which doesn’t help much. But it’s not doing anything.


I’m running Ubuntu on MS Azure. 1 vCPU and 2GB RAM, so your server should be fine.
What version of Java are you using? I had to downgrade (8 I think) for my initial install. Not sure what the latest release needs though.
Are you able to get Metabase running using just java -jar metabase.jar?