UI does not refresh even if Query is complete

When I execute a Question, I see the typical “Doing Science” message, but this UI message never goes away. I could let it “run” forever and the UI would never respond saying the query is done.

However, if I simply select “Cancel”, then the UI shows me the results of the query.

So the query ran, the UI simply did not respond to let me know that it was done. This unfortunately makes Metabase almost unusable for my non-technical users since they follow instructions and continue to wait – indefinitely.

Is this UI issue going to be fixed soon?

We’re using Chrome and our version of Metabase is v0.20.3.

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Same here. I have a query returning 60 rows and 50 columns. This query runs in under a second using a postgres client (it’s materialized in a table) but on the interface it never returns the results and keeps showing the “doing science” text.
Metabase logs doesn’t show any clue on what might be happening.