Unable to login after reinstalling metabase

I couldn’t remember my password to login to metabase on my local machine (osx sierra) so I reinstalled the application and reset the password on the forum but when I try and login using the software it says my email is not valid.

How do I login and start setting up my databases and dashboards?

Can I delete a database somewhere to start again, when I try and go to http://localhost:13848/auth/login i’m directed to consult my admin. I’m the admin it’s installed on the local machine there shouldn’t be any users since I uninstalled it. How do I get this product working and or completely clear it from my machine and start from scratch. (Uninstall via brew cask and or Mac/Applications has not worked as I keep getting asked for my password and to contact my administrator. I know my forum password but the app doesn’t recognise it.

I’m new to metabase so can’t comment too much. But if I had to take a wild guess I’d think that your jar generated new default databases in another directory. If you’re using NSSM or something make sure to set AppDirectory.