Unable to use custom sql as saved question in new question page

I am new to Metabase. My requirement is to join two table and do some visualization on top of that. To achieve this I saved custom SQL as a question, named as patient_state_fstg_details_view. I can see the saved question on Questions page. But when I am trying to do some visualization, I am unable to find it (patient_state_fstg_details_view) under Saved Question dropdown. I am adding the screenshot below

  • Questions page

Can anyone help me?

Hi and welcome!

I just tried adding two super-simple queries including one with a join, and they do show up under “Saved Questions”.

You didn’t show any details of your SQL query, so maybe the help is in the screenshot you posted :slight_smile: try clicking the blue “Learn more about nested queries” and see if something in your query falls under the restrictions that the help page mention.