Unarchiving A Collection

I archived a collection (containing questions and dashboards) on Metabase v0.39.4. However, I cannot find the collection in the archive.

I think deleting the collection from the archive would lead to this. The collection was however not deleted. Might there be a way to recover the collection?

Hi @Aroni
You cannot delete collections, so that shouldn't be a problem (unless you have done so manually via the application database, but then that's a different question).
Collections are located in the bottom in the /archive
Are you sure that you didn't move the collection to somewhere else?
Have you tried searching for it?
Do you know the ID if the collection? Then check the application database table collection

Thanks @flamber

I have checked in the archive; it is not there. I cannot find it via search either.

Re. checking the application database, how is that done?

@Aroni Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

Thank you.

Let me try that