"Unparseable number" error with space in query


A few weeks ago I updated to version 49.9 from 49.2 and noticed a change when I do a search filter query in Metabase.

Previously in the field I could type "1234, 2345" and it would populate the correct results.
However, now in version 49.9 if I try the same query it will error with "Unparseable number: " 2345".

Based on additiona testing it seems related to the space after the comma as if I do "1234,2345" it runs successfully.

Is this a bug introduced in the latest version or was there something that change?

We fixed this in either the latest version 49.13 or in v50. I just tested and it wipes the space on filters, can you upgrade to 49.13?

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@Luiggi Hello, I updated to the latest version 49.13 but the error is still there.

If I put a space in the filter between values "123, 123" it states unparseable number still.

@th-terray I'm trying to reproduce this on 49.13 but haven't been able to. I must be taking different steps. Does this align with what you're doing:

  • Set up a simple GUI question
  • Add it to a dashboard
  • From the dashboard add a "Number" filter
  • Link the filter to a numeric column on the question
  • Now try to filter on the dashboard with a list of numbers:
    • 123,456 (this one should work)
    • 123, 456 (this one should not)

In my case Metabase cleans the strings and they work as expected. Is there something different about the steps you're taking?

@leeloo Its not added to a dashboard but it remains a SQL question. See image below for example.

@th-terray Thank you. I tried this on 48 and this error still popped up. It doesn't look like this is new behavior:

Native question Number filter widget accepts alphanumeric input · Issue #15295 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

@leeloo That is odd as I have been using this method to filter with the space and only noticed this issues when I moved to 49.9. Prior to that I was on 49.3 which was fine so odd that it doesn't work on 48 for you.