Update prompt

Update prompt does not prompt to update the latest version

What does the message say in English?

My current version is v0.32.1, but I am not prompted to update the latest version.

So it say this? You're running Metabase 0.32.1 which is the latest and greatest!
You can check the job called metabase.task.upgrade-checks.job to see when it ran and check the log for more details.
But since you were having problems with mails, then it might be a firewall issue.
Latest release is 0.32.4 - and 0.32.5 is probably going to be released this weekend.

I am manually installing the v0.32.1 version via docker.
So there will be no prompts to update the latest version?

You probably have problems with your network/Docker, since you cannot send emails.
It should display an update message, if there’s a newer version available, but it only checks 1 time every day.
It will not allow you to upgrade via the interface, it’s just a message - you have to manually upgrade with the system you’re using (Docker, JAR-file, Mac app).

How to use the docker command to query the currently running metabase version?

You can use docker ps to see all running containers, which includes a tag, which is the version.
For more things, you should look in the documentation: https://docs.docker.com/