Update several Questions at once / Find Change

Somewhat new here. Wondering if there is a way to update several Questions via a Find/Change type feature.

For instance, we have several questions that call on a table. I want to change which table they all call on. Short of manually changing each one or creating a function, I cannot seem to find a solution.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

version v0.33.4

Built on 2019-10-07
Postgres 9.6.3

Hi @aawood,

Unfortunately not an easy way to do this through the GUI. You’d either have to run a query on the application database to update the specific questions (making a backup first of course :slight_smile:) , or make use of the Metabase REST API to script something up.

Specifically, the PUT /api/card/:id endpoint would likely be useful: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/blob/master/docs/api-documentation.md#put-apicardid


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I tried to do something similar but hit the problem that not only does each table have a unique ID, so does every field. Much bigger problem than you expect.
I was lucky in that I’d been using views, so just a case of modifying the view. If you’re using tables, you could try creating a view in a different schema, then restricting the rights of the user account. That depends upon your database though.

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Thanks dacort and Andrew for the quick responses. I am now using more Views which has improved things a lot. It is the older stuff, when I was young and dumb, that is giving me the issues.

Where could I find out more info on accessing the application database?

Migrate to MySQL or Postgress, then you can use their tools to view the data.