Updating metabase from v0.41.6 to v0.47.9

Hi !
I´ve tried updating metabase from v0.41.6 to v0.47.9 with no luck.
2 different servers with MS Server 2019.
Nothing really happens when replacing the file and rebooting.
Worked fine with earlier updates.
Is there an upgrade path that i should be awere of ?

nope, should upgrade fine. What does the log say when you initialize?

-metabase service exited with return code 1
-killing process tre.... with exit code 1
-killing PID xx in proces tree.. becuase metabase service is stopping..
-then tries to restart....
-and all over again

  • then is starts metabase for a lst time, but it´s not working. localhost:3000 is only shows "advertising" the product.

will try other versions/steps

that's not the actual Metabase log. I would suggest you check for the actual log of the application

I came all the way to 0.44, with 0.45 there is a problem with our exchange questions. We´ll see what happens after that is solved...