Upgrade AWS Beanstalk metabase version


Currently, I am running metabase on AWS beanstalk (version v0.32.5.metabase-aws-eb). I have lots of reports and dashboard already created.

Now, I want to upgrade this to the latest version [v0.34.0].

Let me know, how can I upgrade without hampering my configurations & reports in the existing environment.

Need urgent help on this.

Hi @amitkumar
If you have have setup the EBS with RDS, then your metadata is preserved, so the upgrade is very easy:
But, you should always make a backup before upgrading.


Thanks for the revert.

Yes, I have the setup on RDS and elastic beanstalk and I am using PostgreSQL on the RDS.

Do, I just need to change the docker version from v0.32.5.metabase-aws-eb.zip to v0.34.0.metabase-aws-eb.zip

@amitkumar Yes, you just change the version - like noted in the documentation.


It worked. Upgraded to new version. :slight_smile: