URL passing variable values goes wrong, please help with the issue

I'm using Metadata v0.47.7

I have the need of set variables for dashboard and get variable value from URL. So I followed the guide document in this link SQL parameters
the SQL lines of my dashboard is like below:

      DATE_FORMAT(`pcl_order_b2c`.`date_created`, '%Y-%m'),
  ) AS `date_created`,
  COUNT(*) AS `count`
  (`pcl_order_b2c`.`aggregator` = {{aggregator_party_id}})

And I generated the URL ( Metabase), adding ?aggregator_party_id=10658 to the URL and load the page
(Metabase, and it comes an error.

I'm sure the dashboard setting is valid because when I input variable values to the widget on the UI, it works.
But when it comes to URL, the value passing seems go wrong.
I'm totally following the guide and have no idea where the error come from.

Hey there,

in your second link i see a ) at the end of the URL:


it is possible that the problem comes from that )?

adding the pic of dashboard page when it goes wrong:
I add the parameter value at the end , and get the error of missing parameters

Thanks for reminding, it was a mistake when I type in this topic chart :sweat_smile:
When I tested the URL, there was no ), and it still didnt work.

I update the URL Metabase

In your screenshot, I do not see the presence of a filter in your dashboard. Did you add a filter to the whole dashboard?

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Oh, yeah , that's the problem.

Didn't realize a filter is necessary, I thought after a variable is set up, the value can be directly got from URL.

Thanks a lot :rose:

Great, happy you solved it!

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Thanks :grinning:

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