Usage stats under People in Admin View

I want to view usage stats to gain a better understanding of how people are interacting with Metabase. Referencing your docs from v0.41 (, the 'People' tab should display some of these usage stats. I am currently on v0.38.0 and do not see any referenced in 'People' tab. Would upgrading to the latest version available, v0.41.5, provide that view of usage stats (including historical data, meaning while users were on v.0.38.0) as mentioned in your docs?

Hi @foureyes
You should upgrade immediately to a newer release: Urgent Security Upgrade for Metabase
But you are referencing Audit functionality, which are only available in Pro and Enterprise plans, as it says right in the top of the page.
You are using the free open source edition of Metabase.

Thank you. I am looking for the functionality under 'People' section on that page.

@foureyes You can find a full list of all the functionality provide in Enterprise/Pro editions:
And a comparison here:

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