Use of dataset with React

Hey !

I am trying to find a way to display any charts on my spa with a custom dataset i am creating with native SQL.

I can't find any libraries or documentation explaining how to use dataset.

Thanks !

Hi @Frumba
The dataset API is available here:
The best way to learn the API, is to just use Metabase while having your browser developer Network-tab open and looking at the request, and what data is being send/received.

This is my point i know that i can use dataset to generate custom graph with raw SQL.

My question is how can i display a dataset with React ?

@Frumba Metabase does not support such way of embedding. You would have to build your own embedding.

For which usecase dataset exist if not for customizing chart through react component ?

@Frumba Metabase has the following ways of embedding:

You can do anything you want with the API, but you would need to provide your own visualizations if you are just using /api/dataset, since that endpoint only contains results.

Metabase is a React frontend, so if you want to customize something, then you can make your own build of Metabase: