User are Unable to See Filter Drop-down

Hi Team,

I have created a collection for the default user with the name CEP and where I stored a sample question in which default users are not able to see the dropdown whereas I can see the drop find the attached of both cases 1st one is the case of user and 2nd one is the case for admin. I have kept the title widget as a string. And in some cases, they are able to see the dropdown. I have moved all the underlined questions into CEP collection. I am using v0.44.2

Hi @Pintu_Kumar
You're seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

I have got a solution but there is a flow. The user who is accessing the dashboard can see the drop-down if I will give access to underlined data access to the user. But we can't provide access to the database due to security reasons to the default user (All User).

In the question, I have created 3 filters
For User: They can see the dropdown for 1 filter but not for rest 2 filters even though they don't have underlined database access, whereas
For Admin: They can see a dropdown in all the filters.

Kindly help me to understand this flow why users are able to see a drop-down in one filter even though they don't have access to the database or any tables.

@Pintu_Kumar If a user has data permissions, then it's possible to access the dropdown values.
Please read the issue and all referenced issues. It's not a simple problem.