User unable to login via email invite

I am using the metabase starter pack and was wondering if a dedicated support email ID is available ?

The problem I am facing is that I have provided access to one of my colleague, and she can't login using the invite she received via email.

The error message just says "Something has gone wrong." I even tried resetting her password but she keeps getting the same error.

Would much appreciate help with this.


Hi @abhi_apm

But have you changed the "Site URL" in Admin > Settings > General to something different than what you access the Metabase Cloud with? It should be

You can contact support by logging into the store account:

Hi @flamber,
Yes I have changed the url.
Myself and two other users are able to access the site.

The problem is only for this one other user. She hasn't been able to setup her password / make her first login on the site.

When she clicks on the invite link, her browser warns that the page she's trying to access might be potentially unsafe. On bypassing that warning and proceeding ahead, she gets "Something has gone wrong." instead of the password reset/ login page.

@abhi_apm Okay, go and change the Site URL back to what it was. It might not be obvious, but that setting is highly critical and will break many things if it is changed. For reference:
And then send a new invitation email to the person.

Hey thanks a lot @flamber that worked !