Users showing as deactivated with no Admin actioning the deactivation

I am new to being admin to Metabase and I am hoping that there is a simple explanation for this scenario.
I am getting queries from our users saying they have been deactivated, yet I have not deactivated them - when I check on the admin settings, they are indeed deactivated a few hours ago.
Is there an automation in the backend that deactivates users based on certain logic and if so, can this logic be adjusted?
We are on Google Authentication, version v0.47.1

You’re seeing Users deactivate for no known reason · Issue #35339 · metabase/metabase · GitHub. We can’t find a reason for this behaviors

Thanks @Luiggi - if it helps we are self hosted. And one other thing I noticed is that when staff are offboarded and I go to deactivate them, they have already been deactivated, which makes me think it's maybe Google Auth related?