Using "Exploring results" table filter on the Dashboard?

Hello there, first time posting, so I do apologize if I'm posting on the wrong place or if it's an obvious question.
I've recently started using Metabase (and BI software in general) and I'm still trying to figure out some of the basics of it by watching videos and/or reading about it.
The issue that I'm currently having is that I need filters on my tables to easier search. When using the "Exploring Results", I'm able to use that feature, but apparently it's not something that can be used on dashboards. I'm talking about this drop down menu:

Am I missing something? Is it a feature for the paid version? Because using the field filter isn't intuitive and doesn't seem to work on more complex queries.

In dashboards you can use filters only, and also drill down/through from charts

Thank you for the reply Luiggi. Have to say, dunno about the limitations/difficulty of implementing this but it seems such a missed opportunity since it would save a lot of work creating the field filters and it works better than those considering what you can do with it.