Using Metabase to display content from other BI tools

Last week I sat through a demonstration of SAP Analytics Hub ( This allows you to embed both SAP’s own BI offerings and those of any competitors. Sounds great until you realise that all it does is to allow you to embed URLs into a web page. ~Even the way it handles SAP BI is to just use a url, nothing clever.
Up to you to manage security using SAML or similar. Main thing it’s really doing is providing a single portal with secure logon and flexible widgets - pretty much what Metabase does. Main difference being that Metabase doesn’t allow widgets other than questions or Markdown.

What about allowing a custom plugin that allows content to be embedded (IFRAME or EMBED). This would allow both external content from websites (weather!) and other BI tools (Crystal Reports/SSRS/Qlik etc etc).

I’m tempted to try and write it myself, but what does everyone think of the idea? Is this more complex to handle in Metabase?

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