Using One Field To Filter on Another Field

I would love to see the ability to filter using the value of another field in metabase, especially with the new join capability in the .33 beta.

Here’s my use case:

In a database of a school, I would like to see all students who enrolled before the first day of school for a given school year. With the join functionality, I would like to join a ‘student enrollment info’ table with a ‘master school year dates’ table, match on the school year, and then filter the students who enrolled before a date (that date would be found in the msyd table). This would be great because rather than searching through previous school years to find a certain date and then hard coding it into metabase, I could just join the table and select it in the filter.


Blake Bell

Hi @Blake
It sounds like you’re looking for this issue - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post: