Using REST API with SAML

Hi - I’m trying to use the Metabase REST API, which requires username and password to get a token. However, my organization provisions accounts using SAML, so there is no password associated with the accounts. Is there a way to get an API token with SAML without a password? Thanks!

Hi @lexi
If I remember correctly, you get the token via POST /api/sso/ - I don’t have an active SAML setup right now, but check your browser developer Network-tab to see which requests are made.
Since it sounds like you’re using the Enterprise Edition, then please use the support email - it’s easier to help there.

Hi @flamber thanks for your reply! Unfortunately we do not have the Enterprise edition. Is there documentation on the POST /api/sso/ endpoint? I tried hitting it but got the error that the endpoint doesn’t exist. I’m looking at and and don’t see the /api/sso/ endpoint listed as an option.

@lexi That API code is only available on Enterprise, and will not work anywhere else.
How are you doing SAML login if you’re not using Enterprise?
Anyways, almost everything you do in the Metabase interface is actually done via the API, so if you look in your browser developer Network-tab, then you should be able to see exactly where/when the token is obtained.