V0.35.4 - Drill Down Tab is not showing up

Hi Guys,
My Drill Down Tab is not showing up. Is there because of I’m using the free version of metabase?
My version is V0.35.4

Hi @marcio.firmino
Are you talking about this functionality?
Then yes, that’s currently only available in the Enterprise Edition.
By the way, latest version is 0.36.3

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Hi @flamber, how are you?

Thanks for answering me. However, there are some charts that I built in postgreSQL and some charts using filter. For those that I built using filter when I click in the chart it shows me the option to go to my respective table but for my charts built in postgreSQL don’t. Do you know why is this happening?

@marcio.firmino Drill-through is only available for questions created using the Query Builder - not Native query.