V0.40.0 Native Query Editor Grab-bar stuck [SOLVED]

When retrieving results from a native SQL query the grab-bar between the editor and result set is stuck such that it cannot be raised to see the results.

Hi @mesquest
Are you talking about this? It works fine for me in Firefox and Chrome. Check your browser developer console for errors.

FireFox 89.0.2, yes, that is the grab-bar that doesn't work for me, no obvious errors that I can see in the developer window. Does the same thing in v0.39.4 so this isn't a new bug. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm using a laptop and the browser adjusts for that in unexpected ways.

@mesquest I have never heard of this before. Try a different browser, or Firefox in Private-mode (without addons).
What's your resolution? I'm only using laptops, like most other people, so that definitely isn't the problem.

Tried with Firefox in a private window with the same results. The grab-bar can be moved down but cannot be moved up. Had to zoom out to 67% just to squeeze the results into view and make sure the query and the map were playing nice. Good thing I wear prescription bifocals!

@mesquest The screenshot you're showing is as expected. The editor cannot get smaller, since it would otherwise cover the side-buttons. If you want to hide the editor, then click the two-arrows, which will collapse the editor. It has always been like that, but mostly like so since 34/35, when the editor got a slight revamp.