Variables and question, in pulse


I am new with your tool and i have to admit it is really great, the ratio between functionnality and simplicity is awesome.

However, i have a question regarding the variables :slight_smile:

As i can read on the doc, we can use a variable on the dashboard and on the question (by editing the SQL query itself), it works quite well :wink:

I have multiple entities and i want to send a dedicated mail for each one on a regular basis. This mail will contain the same informations but for differents object (for example : i have a list of computers, 10 for the first entity, 15 for the second… i want to send an email to the first entity with the list of its computers and a second email for the lists of computers for the second entity).

The only solution i see know is to create one question by entity and to select the appropriate question in the pulse.

Do you know a simplier solution to do this (like put a variable on the question and select the variable value in the pulse ? ) Because i have a lot of entities :wink:

Sorry for the long post


@ildrada did you ever find a solution to this? I’d guess you’d have to do it the way you describe.

It’s currently no possible, but go and vote by clicking the :+1: on this issue: