Version 0.41.5 upgraded to 0.45.rc2

Hello everyone, the version I am currently using is 0.41.5, and I want to upgrade to 0.45.rc2, how should I do it, thank you

Hi @bland
You would upgrade like any other versions:

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Thanks for your reply, I will take a closer look at this document. In addition, I saw from this page Releases · metabase/metabase · GitHub that there is a prompt Metabase 0.45 is NOT backwards compatible. What exactly is not backwards compatible? Is there a detailed list of instructions, thank you @flamber

I think that should be pretty clear?
It means that you can't put a previous version back of Metabase.
So backup your database before upgrading.

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@bland Exactly what @cobalt says. You will basically hit this if you try to downgrade instead of reverting to a backup: