View cell as a link - doesn't work

I use metabase “version v0.36.3 Built on 2020-08-04”.
I have an issue displaying a cell as a link.
I saw your topic about drill-through functionality but in my case, I don’t work as expected.
I’ve created two SQL reports let’s name them as report1 and report2.
I want to open report2 from report1. I’ve added param to report2 and if I use a manual link like

then it works
but if I configure a cell in report 1 to be displayed as a link

then the cell with name “env_id” is still displayed as a text.
Also, I don’t see an option “Link text (optional)”.
Could you please point me what is wrong in my case?

Hi @maks1m
You are referencing an Enterprise Edition functionality, but you are using the Community Edition.

Thanks for the info @flamber
I just thought since there is an option to display a cell as a link - it should work also considering there were no warnings that this one is an enterprise functionality.

@maks1m You are reading a sub-section of the Enterprise documentation, not sure how you ended up there, but there should have been several signs that the functionality only applies to that edition, and it also says the following in the second paragraph of the page:

But the Enterprise Edition of Metabase includes a set of features which allow you to customize what happens when users click on cells in a table or parts of charts.

@flamber thanks for your hints.
I just wanted to say that I was confused because options are present in the build but don’t work, so it was not obvious from the application itself that it should not work in this edition.
Thanks again for the help.

@maks1m The functionality is not present in 0.36.3 - the screenshot you posted shows the regular options, where you can define “Link text”, not the column reference as the Enterprise Edition has.
Instead of returning env_id, then return a string with the link.