VIEW (new) DB is not displayed when queried

VIEW (new) DB is not displayed when queried. With a direct query, the data is there. (version 0.43.3)
But the version (0.43.1) has (another metabase).
Is it probably a problem with the version or could it be something else?

Hi @dskulachev
Have a look here:

Hi! @flamber
Data Model - no table
Data Browser - no table
Native query - table is there
Changing the browser and incognito - did not solve the problem.

@dskulachev Then do a manual sync and check the logs:
Latest release is 0.45.1:

@flamber If you're talking about synchronizing schema, that was the first thing I did before writing here.
If we are talking about synchronization of the table through Data Model, it is not there, that I could perform the recommended action.

Maybe the problem is with the version and need to update the metabase?


  1. Run manual sync - Admin > Databases > (db) > Sync database schema now.
  2. Check logs from that time period - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.
  3. If no errors are shown, then upgrade to latest release.