Visualization settings for multiple lines


let’s take a look at this scenario:

  • I create a Line visualization for multiple series, so the breakouts are date (X axis) and some other parameter that generates multiple lines.

  • Under Visualization - Settings (Line Options) - Display there are all the series (parametrized)

  • If I want to change options for any of those series (e.g. Line style as Step, Dots to Off, etc) I need to select the “chevron down” in order to expand each series in the accordion layout, and separately modify each series.

  • If new series come in the DB afterwards (i.e. if I set options for each parameter/series, but after a few days a new series/parameter shows between the data), I need to manually modify it again using the “chevron down” under Line Options

Couldn’t there be a super setting for the visualization that would be default for every sub series?

I hope this was descriptive enough. And, of course, the suggestion makes sense.


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@King_Edward This sounds very similar to what you asked for? Would you do a issue search and create a request if you don’t find any existing?


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