Visualizations do not show data upon hover

Hi everyone!

I’m having trouble with having data show when hovering over certain parts of a visualization (IE bar on bargraph, slice in piechart). It would only show on the latest updated question. Any suggestions?


Which version + browser are you using?

I’ll try to reproduce it. Also a screenshot would be helpful if you can get it to occur on our sample data set or data that you don’t mind sharing.

v0.12.1 and Chrome.

I wish I could share info or provide a screenshot, but it’s proprietary company information.

The dashboard has tables, bargraphs and piecharts; the last two don’t show info upon hover.

Your help is appreciated!

Hi Sameer,

Our metabase administrator just updated Metabase to the current version. The update seemed to do the trick, data shows up upon hovering. Thanks for your reply!