Visualize join column in table in question


Do you know : how we can visualize two joins columns in same table question ?

Example :

UserID : Name
45865 : Jean-Maurice

ProductID : NameProduct : UserID
3654 : Voiture : 45865

We want :
TABLE result :
Voiture : Jean-Maurice

Try this and let us know how it goes:

Go to Admin Panel > Data Model

On the User table define UseriD as the Entity Key
On the Product table define UserID as a foreign key referencing the User table
Click on the clog next to this mapping and define the username as the field you want to see.


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Thanks for your answer !

I have success to define entity foreign key to mapping my values but i can’t visualize the result to unique table format.

Perhaps the only way it to request with SQL editor ?


You most probably will have to use direct SQL, but I don’t understand what you mean by “i can’t visualize the result to unique table format”. Can you explain that again, please?

You welcome :slight_smile: