Want to get help faster? read this!

Here are a few tips to get help faster:

  • Always post the diagnostic info, cannot get it? then send Java version (running java --version in your console) and a brief description of how you're running Metabase (JAR, Docker). The more contextual information we get, the better. You can send screenshots (an image is worth a thousand words), videos (a video is worth a thousand images), anything that can help other users quickly identify what's going on and where.

  • Are you running the latest version of Metabase? Older versions have bugs, so please make sure you're always running the latest version before asking for help. The latest version of Metabase can be found here: Releases · metabase/metabase · GitHub

  • Search for your issue in Discourse or our Github issue tracker (tip: use the labels!). Other users might have already hit the problem so please try to reuse all the knowledge we have dumped in those places