Was version 0.42.1 compiled with the latest translated strings?

I recently installed 0.42.1 (one week old) and noticed that it contains localized strings that are much older (about 4 weeks old). I finished all the translations in poeditor 3 weeks ago, but they are not included in the latest version. I'm not sure if they are also missing in 0.42, since I skipped that version.

Hi @CZvacko
Translations are from January 29th: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/pull/20041

It's unfortunate, translators usually get a deadline 7 days after receiving the mail notification. But on the 25th of January we got a second notice due to "missed some terms", so we should get another 7 days. Apparently the development team was in a hurry, so they did automatic translations and pulled the strings too early (on January 29). But v0.42.0 was released 10 days later, so why the rush ?

And why they didn't pull them again when compiling other minor version ? This could have fixed the problem that happened in the major version. It's not that much work.

I try to contribute (for free) and all efforts are devalued....

@CZvacko We're going to change our translation process, so it gives more time, but also allows updating translation in minor releases. There's several things that needs to be adjusted.