"We couldn't understand your question." is the only answer returned

I have deployed Metabase on an Bitnami Ubuntu instance connect to MySql.
I use the Reference panel on the right side and can see all my tables.
However, whatever questions I am trying to build, I always get the same answer of “We couldn’t understand your question.”
It even happen when I am clicking on the Reference Panel “SHow all x rows in y”.
It seems that there is a basic issue of returning data, yet the schema was returned without any problems.
As it is a test server, the mysql connection user is root, so no permission issue should be in the way.

How can I debug the issue?

I have performed further test and did try to identify if there was some problem by sniffing the ajax calls between the client and the server.

If did noticed the following.

In url api/dataset, the json return always an error regardless of the timezone set in the admin panel

{“raw_query”:"",“result_rows”:0,“finished_at”:“2015-10-22T12:13:41.168Z”,“started_at”:“2015-10-22T12:13:40.779Z”,“json_query”:{“database”:2,“type”:“query”,“query”:{“source_table”:13,“aggregation”:[“rows”],“breakout”:[],“filter”:[]}},“status”:“failed”,“id”:12,“error”:“Unknown or incorrect time zone: ‘US/Central’”,“uuid”:“8416d07f-e164-42e6-8292-ce018121d265”,“row_count”:0,“running_time”:389,“version”:0,“data”:{“rows”:[],“cols”:[],“columns”:[]}}

The same error has been returned when using TimeZone setting of ‘GMT’, ‘UTC’ and ‘US/Central’ .

Could it be a clue?

It is also lucky that I am not based in Paris…

There’s a bug w/ MySQL and reporting timezones. https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/1291

We’re tackling it, but in the meantime, https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/1301 is a workaround.

Sorry you’re hitting it =(

This is fixed in 0.12.1 - https://github.com/metabase/metabase/releases/tag/v0.12.1

You can upgrade the jar in place or update the container.

I was seeing this problem today ( and fixed by changing the timezone to database default in my admin panel.

The newest version of metabase shows the error, I was using an older one and that helped me fix the problem.

The new views I was adding to the database for metabase to use did not have the right permissions. That was the problem.