Weird graph date format in v0.29.3 - solved

I check v0.29.3 against 0.28:

in the old version, my graph looks like that:

The same graph looks like that in v0.29.3:

But this behaviour seems to happen only for some graphs, not others (that use the same date fields), so there seems to be a logic behind it that I don´t get?
As there is no date category for the data model, how can I change that?

I found the solution: it needs to be a time series, than it works!


Exactly! It’s a feature - not a bug. :bug: Dates are handled as a continuous range. For ordinal/categorical data types the new x-axis display with 45/90 degree display of the labels is used to fit in more values.


Yes, would love to change the category - please please :slight_smile:

Ah i can change the category by myself again :muscle:

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