What are metabase minimum resources?

I'm deploying Metabase to Azure's new Container Apps service.

Metabase was failing to start and I finally got it working by increasing the cores and memory.
Original values:
cores: .5
memory: 1GB

When I increased to the highest values for my deployment it started working.
New values:
cores: 2
memory: 4GB

  1. What are the min requirements for Metabase?
  2. It would be super helpful if there was an error logged indicating that metabase is failing due to lack of resources.

I did see this in the logs before changing the resources, but it is an INFO and I thought I was probably fine:
2022-08-15 23:46:43,924 INFO metabase.util :: Maximum memory available to JVM: 247.5 MB

After adding resources I see this:
2022-08-15 23:54:17,281 INFO metabase.util :: Maximum memory available to JVM: 1.0 GB

I can provide console logs from Azure if they would be helpful.

Hi @ChrisH
You'll want to give Metabase 1GB memory, and at least 1 CPU, as a minimum.
How much more depends on your usage and concurrent activity.
Have a look at:
And this might be helpful too: https://www.metabase.com/learn/administration/metabase-at-scale.html

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I'll check the docs. Thanks!

Is there an error I should be able to see telling me that Metabase can't start properly and needs more memory or more CPU?

@ChrisH If you give 0.01 CPU to your browser, then it'll still work - just painfully slow. The amount of CPU you throw after applications depends on what you can afford and based on monitoring the load.
Same goes for memory, though, too low can cause OOM, which are easier to understand compared to sluggish performance.

But your monitoring should help you. I remember someone else having problems with Azure Container Apps a little while ago, so I don't know much about their platform.

If you are in doubt, then 2GB with 2vCPU should be fine for most smaller setups.

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