What is `report_card.result_metadata`?

report_card.result_metadata was mentioned many times in the issueses, but I did not find information about it in the document. Does this mean that there is a table called report_card in the database, and a column called result_metadata exists in the report_card table?

Hi @asdfghjkl
The result_metadata contains information about the structure of the results, which are used several places in Metabase to define field formatting and filter options.
Yes, there's a table called report_card in the Metabase application database with a column called result_metadata

How can I find the table report_card, can see the datas of the table, thank you very much

@asdfghjkl Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

Tasks ? Jobs? Logs?

@asdfghjkl "Diagnostic Info"

Thank you very very much