What is the state of development for this application?

I stumbled on Metabase yesterday, and it’s pretty darn cool. It appears to be a very new application, as it was unstable on Mac and crashed many times. The documentation and internet presence seem to be non-existent as well. Is this thing in alpha/beta?

The actual Jar code has been in production for about a year. We’re running it across ~20 companies with a mix of usage patterns and schema. It’s pretty solid though we’re obviously still learning, finding bugs, etc.

The Mac and heroku convenience wrapper are less well tested and are intended to be used to evaluate and play with the application in single player mode, but the expectation is that production installations will be done using the Jar (possibly on beanstalk).

We are still 0.X software and there are basic UX changes that we’ll be making and lots of big features we’ll be shipping in the next release, so if you’re considering deploying this across 10k seats in a conservative bank, I’d hold off a few versions.

If it’s not too much trouble, could you tell us what version of OS X you’re on and whether the crashes left any errors messages in the Console? We’ve generally found the app pretty stable these days, and if you’re getting crashes, I’d love to reproduce them.

Hey Sameer. Thanks for the quick response. We are a small startup, so we’ll be only a handful of users.

I’m on MacOS 10.10.5 on a new 13" Macbook pro. I haven’t gotten any error messages, usually I’ll try to do something and the Metabase logo with the spinning circle will appear and drop me back on the “Howdy Eric” screen with the news feed. It happens almost all the time when I try to load a dashboard, like 9 times out of 10. It also happens randomly as I’m trying to build queries, maybe I’m pulling up a list of tables or fields to filter on.

Sounds like something is causing the server process to blow up. Very very weird. We’re looking into it.

Another strange thing that keeps happening, a lot of times when I’m building a new query, I select a table or view, and then when I select a filter, nothing shows up in the drop down. It just says

Datum. Then if I try to just run the query as is, it says “We Couldn’t Understand Your Question”. Then if I keep trying, or go back to the home screen and come back, it will populate. Maybe it’s taking time to index the table or something?