Which .jar file to I update on docker?

I was going to manually update my docker metabase.jar file, I tried updating the merged/app one but it still showing 36.4

[root@ip-172-31-4-255 ~]# find / -name “metabase.jar”




here are the 3 i found on my system.

Hi @Toga
That’s not how you work with Docker.
And either just use docker cp or build your own version by placing the metabase.jar in ./bin/docker/ and run ./bin/docker/build_image.sh (check for parameters)

sorry i am new to docker aws/metabase, and since aws is broken, i wasn’t entirely sure of the upgrade path…

@Toga Do not go down that path. Stay with the version you’re using.
Otherwise don’t use AWS. You’ll likely end up with a destroyed instance.

I am setting up an stage version to try updating in place… not beanstalk related.