Which metabase table is safe to delete?

I want to clear some space and wondering which table is safe to delete

  1. query_cache
  2. query_execution
  3. view_log
  4. task_history
  5. query
  6. revision

all these is safe to delete?
can someone explain especially on number 5 and 6, query and revision table what does it do?

thanks in advance

Hi @eric.halim
You cannot delete any of those tables - you can truncate them.
You’ll lose some functionality. Give it a try - remember to backup first.
And 5 is each unique query being run, 6 is revision changes on example questions or dashboards, so users can revert.

Thanks @flamber

Yes you’re right i mean deleting the data not the table.

Do you know which table metabase save the query text?


@eric.halim The query (MBQL or Native) is in report_card.

thanks @flamber

so close yet i missed it