Why can't I add a filter to my dashboard?

When I go to add a filter in the dashboard, the chart/table has no fields for me to select.

Here are the steps:
I write a SQL query with a few joins.
I save the question
I export it to the dashboard.
I try to add a filter but it says ‘No Valid Fields’

What could be wrong and how do I fix this?

You need to add SQL parametres to your query.

It’s not a bug and that’s not the answer.
You need to edit the data model and make the required fields categories.

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Actually, adding SQL field filter variables (i.e., parameters) is in fact the correct answer in this case, since @redwood said their question is a SQL query. The only SQL questions that can be connected to a dashboard filter are those with field filter variables in them. Additionally, the field that the variable is mapped to should be of a type that are supported by dashboard filters (ID, date time, location, or category; there are currently no number dashboard filter widgets yet), and marked as such in the Data Model.