Why did the v0.33.1 version cancel the Chinese language?

Why did the v0.33.1 version cancel the Chinese language?

The translations come from the user community. If the translation isn’t updated for a period of time, it’s dropped. If you search the forum, there are more detailed answers from people who know far more than me.

For the last few releases, the translation percentage of Chinese had dropped well below 100%. Our current policy is that if an included language drops below 90%, it will get dropped in the next release. All new languages, including ones that were previously included but were then dropped, must get back to 100% to be included. This is to ensure that Metabase users won’t encounter a user interface that appears to be broken by displaying untranslated text.

If you’d like to help the translation project, please check out our POEditor project here: https://poeditor.com/projects/view?id=200535

Is this link incorrect?

Where can I participate in the translation work?Please send a link

@beta Try this link instead: https://poeditor.com/join/project/ynjQmwSsGh

Now the translation part of Chinese has reached 90%.
Which version will add Chinese?

@beta The translation has to reach 100% to be included in a release.

Okay, I understand