WIKI: SDK (covers API, embedding etc?)

As suggested by @AndrewMBaines:

To cover embedding and using the API.

First off regarding the API see :blue_book:

Python (django), Ruby (rails), Node.js and PHP (laravel) examples are in:

Integrating using the REST API and C#: Using the REST API with .Net

If you want to start at a slightly higher level with interacting with the API than curl and :snake: Python is your thing and you just want to pip install metabase here’s a client lib:

Migrating Metabase Data using the API

Here’s link to the beginnings of a tool written to migrate questions and dashboards to multiple instances:

Some specific API call experiences

Does the parmeters go in as query string parameters or in the body. To URI encode — or not :skull: … that is always the question! If not the answer at least here are some of the experiences (including some answers):

Finally - if you want/need to get rid of the Metabase logo (either to save precious screen space, want to “whitelabel” when you embed in your own product or service – or simply because you would like to support their endeavor) the Metabase guys have this offering called Premium Embedding which they wrote about here:

Wiki discussion:

To cover embedding and using the API. I think we should have a separate Wiki for working on the source code though.

@jornh: Got it! If it’s sources for embedding I’m sure Pull Request’s (PR’s) to the repo would be very well received by the Metabase core team :smiley:

I’ll start by linking to one of my own topics (is this the plan? @jornh
Embedding in .Net using JWT