Windows Documentation

Hello, I’m primarily working on a Windows machine with Metabase. I love it so far, and while I realize that due to Metabase’s design it works best on terminal based operating systems most of my work is done with Windows machines.

Is there any documentation for Windows, or perhaps a lightweight terminal for Windows that I can install? There were several parts that I really stumbled through because the differences of Windows were not mentioned. Additionally, while I don’t have the time now, I would be interested in contributing some basic instructions if a Wiki for such exists, so any info about how to contribute in small ways would be appreciated. Thanks!

We don’t have a ton of experience running Metabase on windows as internally we run all of our servers on Linux.

It would be awesome if you could help the project by collecting your setup process tips and pitfalls. The simplest place would be an additional “Running Metabase on Windows” doc at ? Would you be comfortable forking and contributing said guide? =)

Sure, though as I said, no promises. I’ll likely write a small guide based on my experience in a week or two when I have more time to play around with the features.

I was also curious about a few things; is there a preferred database program or setup for database programs that Metabase likes? I know it runs with H2-based databases, but I initially had issues importing a CSV as a sample into Metabase and while I just now realized that I could have probably imported it using the SQL support available for forming custom queries I’m still curious as to what program is preferable. Also, are there any limitations of the SQL usage that you can choose to do when making a ‘question’?