WITH Fuction with Custom Date Range Filters on Dashboards

Hi, I'm having a problem with this query below. Metabase shows it as an error when I use the date filter by the sources inside of the WITH function. How do I get around this?

`warehouse_mistakes` AS
        SELECT DATE_TRUNC(`manual_input.cancellations_and_problems`.`date`, DAY) AS `date`, 
               COUNT(*) AS `warehouse_mistakes`
          FROM `manual_input.cancellations_and_problems`
         WHERE `manual_input.cancellations_and_problems`.`problem_category` = 'Warehouse Mistake'
        GROUP BY `date`
        ORDER BY `date` ASC
`parcels_shipped` AS
        SELECT TIMESTAMP_TRUNC(DATETIME(`shopify.order`.`created_at`,"Asia/Bangkok"), DAY) AS `date`, 
               COUNT(distinct `shopify.order`.`id`) AS `parcels_shipped`
          FROM `shopify.order`

        LEFT JOIN `shopify.order_line` `Order Line` ON `shopify.order`.`id` = `Order Line`.`order_id`
         WHERE `shopify.order`.`fulfillment_status` = 'fulfilled'

        GROUP BY `created_at`
        ORDER BY `created_at` ASC

SELECT SUM(`warehouse_mistakes`.`warehouse_mistakes`) / SUM(`parcels_shipped`.`parcels_shipped`)
  FROM `parcels_shipped`

FULL JOIN `warehouse_mistakes` ON `warehouse_mistakes`.`date` = `parcels_shipped`.`date`
 WHERE {{date}}

Hi @natti
You cannot use table aliases with Field Filters.