With Mysql database and millions of data, how to effectively improve query efficiency?

Database: Mysql
Data volume: 1 million
Number of people using Metabase at the same time: 1
Call API “/api/card/651/query" response time:About 4S
Call API “/api/dataset” response time:About 4S

A user access has taken so long, our goal is to support 100 people to use online at the same time, we have conducted stress tests, response time is about 15 seconds, is there any way to maximize its performance?

This has nothing to do with Metabase. Change your data model, use better queries, or even use another MySQL storage engine.

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How do I choose the engine to improve the query rate? Do you have any good suggestions?

What does this mean: “Data volume: 1 million” ?
There are many places, which could be cause of the slow response - not necessarily Metabase.
Check your logs (Metabase, MySQL, systems, …), make sure you have enough RAM, so there’s no swapping going on.